Exercise + friends = a healthy combo 

One of the amazing things about joining a fitness studio is the built-in support crew that comes with it. Not just the instructors who are already your biggest cheerleaders – but the people you are sweating it out with day in and day out. 

Workout buddies can help keep you accountable. You may not be feeling it one day … you text your buddy and they encourage you to go anyway. You always feel better after a good sweat session. Not only is it extra encouragement to get moving, but you get to know this person or people better every day and they become your friend outside of the gym/studio. Next thing you know, you two or three are signing up to run 5ks, competing against each other on your iWatch and meeting up at happy hour … after your workout, of course.

Here are some additional benefits to a workout buddy:

  • You’re more likely to enjoy your workout than doing it solo.
  • You’ll push yourself harder, especially if you’re naturally competitive. 
  • You’re not going to stop for unnecessary water breaks or “quit” if someone is there to call you out.
  • You’ll meet your goals faster if you’re being consistent and pushing yourself. 
  • You and your buddy can switch up your routines to help avoid a fitness rut or plateau from doing the same exercises.

Don’t have a workout buddy? Don’t worry. Here are some ways to find one:

  • Talk to people at work or your existing friend circles and see if anyone else is interested.
  • Sign up for group fitness classes – like at Board30PV.
  • Volunteer at a race or walk.
  • Download a fitness app and see if others are in your area.
  • Take it outside – look for others exercising alone and see if you can join.
  • Take your calls on the go and walk or run during meetings or casual calls to friends.
  • Grab your dog and go! Who better to take a stroll with.

Start the new year off with finding your workout buddy and crush your goals together in 2024! 

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