Board 30

Board. Bounce. Bands.

BOARD30 HIIT routine


Our unique studio equipment paired with resistance bands, creates a system that is high energy, low impact, mind-body, HIIT style… adopting & improving upon techniques from other workout genres for a one of a kind fitness result.


The BOARD30 Class:

  • A 30-minute session of focused resistance band movements
  • Experience a mix of cardio, strength training, calisthenics & stretching
  • Endless movement variations due to our multiple anchor point setup
  • Personalized full-body movements for your fitness level
  • Perfect for muscle recovery by engaging the whole body
  • Every muscle, large or small, will feel the BOARD30 experience
Building muscle


The Bounce Class is the most fun you will ever have doing cardio!  It is a high intensity, but low impact, workout so you get all of the benefits of cardio without any of the wear and tear on your joints.  Bouncing works every muscle of the body and improves your muscle-to-fat ratio.  It can reduce cellulite (YES!) and burn off those calories fast!  It enhances digestion and increases your metabolic rate - all while boosting your immune system.  It also cleans toxins out of your body by stimulating your lymphatic system.  Are you convinced yet?  Bouncing is good for your mind.  Feeling stress or anxiety?  Just BOUNCE on your trampoline!

  • Energizes your mind, body and overall health and wellness
  • Reduces feelings of anxiety and depression by an increase in endorphins
  • Improves balance and core strength
  • Aids lymphatic circulation
  • Easier on joints than the impact of running
  • Reduces blood pressure when the arterial pressures rises during exertion
  • Protects joints from chronic fatigue and impact
  • Boosts metabolism and Improves resting metabolic rate
  • Boosts immune system and minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems
  • Keeps you young by slowing down atrophy in the aging process
BOARD30 Class


From a professional athlete to a fitness novice to a person in recovery, the BOARD30 system will produce results more quickly and, in less time, than other workout systems. Your experience will be remarkable & produce amazing results:

  • A strong core with resulting strength & balance
  • Toned, lengthened muscles for a leaner physique
  • An interconnected & integral body
  • Improved balance
  • A cohesive body that is less injury-prone
  • An increased range of motion
  • Reduced overall body fat
  • Your metabolic rate is higher for hours after class

Board30 spirit

Let's Band Together! All gender, all nationalities, belief systems, & ages come together on the board.

If you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, new to the fitness world, the resistance band system offers a transformational experience. You will never get bored with BOARD30 as the movements are limitless & each class feels unique.

Even after years on the board, balance, form, & strength continue to develop & will endure as a goal.

BOARD30 is a supportive community with individual goals that feel carried by all, a whole body, whole heart transformation.

Welcome to the BOARD30 community.

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