Board 30

Board. Bounce. Bands.


Welcome to the BOARD30 community!

The proprietary system weaves methods from many fitness relevant practices, such as strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, & cardio. The program is accessible by all fitness levels, which makes it seem just for you.

Here are the basics:

  • A beginner or advanced athlete will experience a thorough workout
  • On average, you will experience 30 minutes of resistance band focused training
  • Each class combines cardio, strength training, stretching & calisthenics
  • Endless variations due to multiple anchor points
  • The abundance of full-range movements engages the whole body
  • Great for rebuilding & repairing your muscles & ligaments by engaging the entire body for a swifter recovery - There isn't a muscle that can escape the attention of the BOARD30 system!
BOARD30 Ponte Verda Beach find the right workout for you
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Getting Started

Please review the listed class variations for an excellent first fit.

If you have any questions - please ask!  All of our amazing instructors are available to help guide and direct you through this entire process.   We are eager to see you succeed here at Board30.

As a new student to BOARD30, arrive 15 minutes before the class time and introduce yourself to the instructor who can help you find a suitable board & review the setup.  Bring water and wear appropriate athletic attire. Each one-minute sustained class movement can be modified for all fitness levels.  Prepare to find the most comprehensive, empowering experience in the fitness market.