Are you wearing the right shoes for your workout?

After the holidays, a lot of people come to class sporting new shoes. Our clients vary on their favorite sneaker brands but we noticed the majority prefer Brooks, Nike or Adidas, and others like the newer brands like Hoka, OnCloud and NOBULL. Looking cute in your new shoes is of course important, but what’s more…

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Exercise + friends = a healthy combo 

One of the amazing things about joining a fitness studio is the built-in support crew that comes with it. Not just the instructors who are already your biggest cheerleaders – but the people you are sweating it out with day in and day out.  Workout buddies can help keep you accountable. You may not be…

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The Benefits of Resistance Brand Training

fitness bands

At BOARD30 we use a unique blend of studio equipment and resistance bands to bring you a high energy, low impact, mind-body, complete workout. For many though the idea of resistance bands is new or something they are unfamiliar with. At BOARD30 we love resistance bands! They are a huge part of our innovative routines…

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