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BOARD30 Ponte Verda Beach find the right workout for you

BOARD30 is an innovative workout experience that weaves together strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, and cardio. It’s a program for all fitness levels and abilities, and it engages the entire body to work to rebuild and repair your muscles and ligaments. At BOARD30 Ponte Vedra Beach we offer this innovative system in a variety of forms to fit your needs and style.


Our most common class, BOARD is a session that applies all the fitness aspects mentioned above to with multiple angles and levels of resistance bands to gain strength, mobility, balance and improve endurance. This class offers modifications for all levels of fitness.


If you are looking for something a little more fast paced and challenging, then our bounce classes are for you! BOARD and Bounce is 45 minutes of BOARD on a mini trampoline. This HIIT style class offers a full body sculpt with cardio for all levels. Bounce and Barre is a one-hour class dividing the time between the trampoline and barre toning exercises. Boot Camp Bounce is an advanced one-hour class of cardio and body weight intervals. Bounce and Sculpt allows advanced participants to use choreography on the trampolines for a great cardio and weight workout.

Bands and Strength

The innovation behind BOARD30 is the use of our resistance bands in innovative ways to get a complete body work out. BOARD Sculpt is a low impact BOARD class that uses all size bands and other tools. CIRCHIIT is a HIIT circuit class that uses timed stations and variety of our workout options from mini trampolines to wall bands. Our Power Yoga class is for all levels and offers a full hour of stretching and strengthening your body.

Quick HIIT

We offer a few a la carte options to add to your work out experience. Bounce HIIT is a 15-minute intensive trampoline class in a HIIT style. Power abs is a HIIT format class focused on strengthening and building your core.

All classes offer a great workout in an even better atmosphere! We cannot wait to see you in our next class, for any questions or to book a class check out our website, or call 904-834-2058!

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