5 Reasons to Switch to a HIIT Workout

High-intensity interval training is big in the fitness world and it’s no wonder with all the benefits it brings. All over people are trading their old routines to give their all in these short bursts of exercise and are getting great results. HIIT workouts are short burst of high intensity workouts to raise your heart rate and burn fat. What makes them so great and why are so many switching to these intense routines? Here are 5 of the top reasons to switch to a HIIT workout and drop your old routine:

1. Efficiency

HIIT workouts are quick and efficient. They require you to give your all in a short but action-packed session. HIIT routines burn a higher level of calories and fat in a shorter amount of time then most other routines or training techniques. By working your body and muscles at their peak point in short intervals with short times of rest in between, they allow you body to burn calories and build muscle. The shorter time commitment also allows the routines to fit better into most schedules. At BOARD30 we offer a variety of HIIT style classes taking just over 30 minutes each allowing you to workout quickly. HIIT is a great way to stay fit with a busy lifestyle.

2. Heart Health

A lot of people are not used to pushing themselves or their heart rates to these intense levels, but studies show HIIT training can have great benefits for your heart. HIIT can keep your metabolic heart rate elevated for hours following your exercise. Over time HIIT can help lower blood pressure and heart rate. While your heart rate increases during exercise it can reduce the stiffness of artery walls and lead to lower blood pressure.

3. Endurance

HIIT is great for endurance training. Endurance can be measured by the amount of oxygen your body can use, typically endurance training has been used to improve this over time. Recently HIIT has been found to improve this in and have the same effects as endurance training in half the time! Having a regular HIIT routine can help you build up your body’s endurance quickly.

4. Metabolism

HIIT routines are great for burning calories during the routine but they are also known to burn them for hours after. Studies have been done to show that due to the intensity of the routine HIIT workouts burn calories for hours after the actual exercise. HIIT is a great way to boost your body’s fat burning power.

5. Lose Fat, Gain Muscle

Building muscle

One of the biggest factors for peoples switch to HIIT is it’s ability to help them lose weight and gain muscle. It’s a great way to workout for only a short time each day but get amazing results. HIIT allows you to lose weight while also maintaining muscle growth. A study of those who did only 3 HIIT style workouts a week for 20 minutes each found that participants lost and average of 4.4 pounds of fat. 

HIIT workouts can be beneficial in so many ways from heart health and wight loss to short time commitments and muscle gain. At BOARD30 we offer a variety of HIIT style classes and have revolutionized our routines to include fitness bands to make our routines fun and enjoyable for all. Join us for a class today or checkout our class schedule and website for more information!

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